artist, designer, creative connoisseur, maverick

I’m a freelance designer, artist, and business professional originally from Texas living in Mobile, Alabama, USA.  As a designer and artist with a background in Business and Marketing, I bring a unique understanding to my line of work. I enjoy working in multifaceted and diverse projects—from content writing and photography to concepting and illustration and beyond.

Art in all its forms is golden to me. As you can probably see, I'm inspired and influenced by friends and family that originate from all corners of the world. Their influence is evident in my approach to my work, my art, and my life.


star-cradling conch

Two sea creatures, a conch shell and a sea star, appear to be celestial objects. The arched grooves of the conch shell give a lunar impression of a CRESCENT MOON CRADLING A STAR. Illusionism and double-entendres are greatly appreciated.

Conch shells are MULTIFUNCTIONAL because they’re traditionally used for food, jewelry, musical instruments, décor, and more.

Sea stars are protected by a bony armor and can REGENERATE severed limbs. These oceanic creatures fossilize into tokens of history that linger on Earth for millennia. I feel they represent me both as an individual and a professional.